Flowmaster V7 for
Aerospace Applications

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Hydraulic systems are becoming ever more sophisticated with complex assemblies of electronic, hydraulic and mechanical components. It is vital that these systems are cost efficient but remain within tight performance and safety regulations.

Systems must work correctly first time. Such complex systems must, for both cost and safety reasons, be ‘right first time’, requiring engineers to have at hand detailed and accurate information about system performance.

Traditionally, costly physical prototyping, or ‘Iron bird testing’ was the only way to truly test the interaction and performance of these highly complex systems at the end of the development process. However, potential changes at this stage can be expensive and time consuming, therefore system simulation is now used in conjunction with a ground simulation rig to evaluate many alternatives before an optimal design is reached.

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace enables engineers to analyse system level models of aircraft hydraulic systems at the concept stage of the design process. The performance of these models aid engineers to focus and tightly define physical tests.


  • Library of hydraulics system components
  • Steady State & Transient Analysis
  • Frequency Domain Post Processing
  • Central Data Storage
  • Custom Component Creation


  • Reduce cost through focused iron bird testing
  • Investigate more operating conditions to ensure increased safety of operation
  • Demonstrate compliance with certification requirements
  • Provide innovation that enables the development of next-generation, efficient and economical aircraft

Hydraulic systems that Flowmaster V7 Aerospace is used for:

  • Primary control boosters
  • Retraction and extension of landing gear
  • Shock absorption systems and valve lifting systems
  • Sweep back and forth of wings
  • Opening and closing doors and hatchways
  • Automatic pilot and gun turrets
  • Pitch changing mechanism, spoilers on flaps
  • Dive, landing, speed and flap brakes
  • Bomb bay doors and bomb displacement gears

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