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Fuel Systems

Aircraft fuel systems are complex, involving interaction between the fluid, mechanical and electrical systems on-board an aircraft. It is vital these systems perform as intended and within regulations and without adversely impacting other areas of an aircraft’s system performance.

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace incorporates a catalogue of specialised fuel components and fluids to facilitate the development and simulation of highly complex fuel systems that meet current regulations.

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace enables engineers to ensure adequate fuel delivery and meet regulatory requirements by simulating pressures, temperatures and flow rates throughout the complete fuel system.

Fuel system engineers can utilise Flowmaster V7 Aerospace’s integrated 3D Co-ordinate System to validate their designs and demonstrate that they will continue to provide sufficient fuel delivery when the aircraft is under extreme manoeuvres, accounting for external body forces calculated from user specified conditions such as roll, pitch and yaw.

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Advanced fuel tank modelling for meeting FAA regulations on fuel tank venting and inerting

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace includes a set of advanced fuel tank components that help meet the challenges involved in developing a multi celled fuel system.

The Advanced Multi-Arm Tank component has been specifically designed to simplify the modelling of multi cell fuel tanks. The component can account for the movement of fuel from one cell to another while also internally tracking the changing oxygen and nitrogen concentrations within the ullage.


  • Investigate greater range operating conditions to help ensure increased safety of operation
  • Demonstrate compliance with certification requirements
  • Provide innovation that enables the development of next-generation, efficient and economical aircraft
  • Validation system performance on-screen


  • Steady State & Transient Analysis
  • Library of jet fuels
  • 3D Co-ordinate System & Body Force Modelling
  • Modelling of Inerting & Venting systems
  • Advanced fuel cell modelling of wing tanks
  • Multi-Fluid Simulation
  • Version Tracking of design history

Educational Webinar
Fuel Tank Venting & Inerting

Title: Simplify fuel system design with integrated vent system and tank modeling. Showcasing the Multi-Arm Tank Component


Further Reading

Case Studies

Sikorsky performs line and component sizing studies to ensure safe fuel jettison and in flight refueling

By using Flowmaster to model and study the Emergency Fuel Jettison system, Sikorsky were able to successfully choose the appropriate system components and observe the impact the smaller line sizes have on their systems.  Within the HIFR system, they were able to ensure that the necessary fuel delivery rate was met in order to successfully refuel the helicopter.

Simulation driven fuel systems design at Airbus

By developing an overall test strategy, which optimises the uses of simulation, rigs and aircraft test, Airbus has reduced the risks associated with system development, and provided an environment which allows rapid and early assessment of fluid mechanical performance.