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Environmental Control System Modelling

The successful development of an Environmental Control System (ECS) is dependent on maintaining a comfortable environment for passengers and tolerable working conditions for safety and electrical equipment while also ensuring the system is optimised to minimise material wastage and weight.

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace gives engineers the ability to validate the performance of system designs at the concept stage so optimisation of sub-systems can take place to increase efficiency across the whole Environmental Control System.

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace can be used at the concept stage to model and simulate all the sub-systems of an aircraft’s entire environmental control system. Engineers can carry out detailed simulations on individual sub-systems and / or simulate them together in a single model to review their interaction as a whole.

The in-built ‘Flow-Balancing’ functionality in Flowmaster V7 Aerospace allows engineers to optimise the properties of individual components around an ECS model, identifying where waste can be minimised, without risking the performance of the overall system. This ensures that the flow rate and pressure of air supply throughout the aircraft are within the design specification.



  • Minimise material wastage by optimising component size using flow balancing
  • Investigate wide range of operating conditions to ensure increased safety of operation
  • Demonstrate compliance for certification requirements by validating system performance through
    on-screen simulation


Educational ECS Webinar
Title: Air Management Systems Design & coupling 1D CFD system simulation with Matlab

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Case Studies

Flowmaster helps Daher Aeronautics and Defence reduce aircraft ventilation system testing by 30%

Daher model the majority of their system using standard Flowmaster components. For complex duct geometries Daher were able to use several Flowmaster components connected together to represent the characteristics of the physical component.

Honeywell Normalair Garrett integrate Flowmaster with their data management infrastructure

HNGL has created a data management infrastructure and integrated it with Flowmaster. This design tool has been developed to a level that allows simulation of a complete aircraft hydraulic system. Additionally, a link has been created that allows rapid, accurate and traceable transfer of data from the database to the simulation system.