Flowmaster V7 Aerospace

Flowmaster V7 Aerospace is an industry specific thermo-fluid software tool. With dedicated aircraft system modelling functionality and industry tailored component libraries, streamlined to optimise workflow, users can build compressible and incompressible system models and run steady state and transient simulations quicker and easier than ever before

Enhanced V7 Aerospace Available Now!

The latest version of Flowmaster V7 Aerospace builds on the existing V7 Aerospace product by streamlining catalogue structures, providing new and enhanced components and expanding simulation functionality to meet the needs of today’s aerospace engineers.

V7 Aerospace includes new advanced functionality to help design fuel systems in line with FAA regulatory performance targets on venting and inerting and tools to simplify the simulation of environmental changes in aircraft cockpits and small cabins Find out more >

Advanced Capabilities for Aircraft System Applications

Environmental Control System (ECS)
Modelling & Simulation

  • Advanced Cabin Component and Passenger Comfort Model for simplified vapour cycle system modelling and simulating the environment experienced in small cabins and cockpits.
  • Psychrometrics modelling for accurately predicting pressures, temperatures and flow rates by investigating humidity changes through the aircraft cooling packs.
  • Complete air management system simulation with in-built components specifically designed for modelling air distribution, ice protection and bleed air systems.
  • Flow balancing module for optimising component sizes around your system.
Educational Video Webinar - Air Management Systems
Advanced simulation techniques of a cabin air distribution system and assessment of the impact of air cycle machine design changes.

Fuel System
Modelling & Simulation

  • Advanced Multi-Arm Tank Component to aid the modelling of the movement between fuel tank cells enabling engineers to control the Nitrogen Enriched Air (NEA) within the ullage space of the emptying tank and ensure that the system conforms to FAA rules on inerting and venting.
  • 3D Coordinate System that accounts for external body forces (Pitch, Roll and Yaw) to help simulate fuel delivery performance during extreme manoeuvres.
  • Multi-Fluid Simulation for modelling the mixing, separation and modification of multiple liquids or gases.
Educational Video Webinar - Fuel System Venting & Inerting

Simplify fuel system design with integrated vent system and tank modeling. The webinar showcases the Multi-Arm Tank Component found in V7 Aerospace

Hydraulic Systems

  • Hydraulic components such as displacement pumps, pressure regulating valves, directional control valves, hydraulic cylinders, and supply and return lines.
  • Optimise model performance with integrated frequency domain

“Flowmaster is a design tool used by our engineers on a daily basis to investigate the fluid mechanics of the fuel system. It helps us understand how changes to the fuel system design will affect performance, and the simulation results are frequently used in conjunction with test results in certification reports for the fuel system”

Ellis Griffiths,
Head of Fuel Systems, Fluids Mechanical. Airbus UK