Flowmaster V7.7 Aerospace - Available now

V7.7 Aerospace is available and includes new advanced functionality to help design fuel systems in line with FAA regulatory performance targets on fuel tank inerting and venting and tools to simplify the simulation of environmental changes in aircraft cockpits and small cabins. Read Full Press Release >

Introduction videos to V7.7 Aerospace new capabilities - Intro Video (3mins 5secs)

Cabin Component (2mins 13secs)
An introduction video to the new Advanced Cabin Component which is designed to enable engineers to simplify the modelling and simulation of environmental conditions experienced within cabins of small aircraft.
Multi Arm Tank Component (2min 28secs)
An introduction to the new advanced tank components that are specifically designed to allow engineers to simulate the movement of fuel from one cell to another and control the gas mixing within the ullage space of the emptying tank.

Educational Video Webinar - Fuel System Venting & Inerting

NEW! - Simplify fuel system design with integrated vent system and tank modeling. The webinar showcases the Multi-Arm Tank Component found in V7.7 Aerospace

“Flowmaster V7 has allowed us to greatly speed up aircraft development. By front–loading the concept and design stages of Cessna Citations with system simulation, we have reduced lab testing, ultimately making savings on overall development time and costs.

In an industry where trust in the accuracy of results is critical to success and conformity to regulations is key, our experience with Flowmaster has given many parts of our organisation a greater level of confidence in the accuracy of our analyses and confidence that systems will perform within specification and in-line with digital test results.”

Scott Weber - Senior Engineer Cessna Aircraft Company


New Capability at a Glance

  • Multi-arm Fuel Tank Component
  • Cabin/ Cockpit Component
  • Multi-Fluid Simulation
  • Altitude Pump Component
  • Turbine Component Enhancement
  • Geometric Heat Exchanger

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