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Flowmaster, part of Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis Division, provides a 1D solution to simulate thermo-fluid systems quickly, simply and accurately; reducing cost and lead times in product development and maintenance.

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Advanced Thermo-Fluid Simulation Software
Pressure Surge Analysis

Pressure surge, waterhammer and cavitations can cause significant damage to pipe systems, often resulting in significant downtime in process and distribution systems. The use of Flowmaster V7 can help you calculate pressure drop and pressure surge for predicting the areas of your piping systems where this is likely to happen by running pressure surge analysis.  Flowmaster V7 includes several types of surge suppression methods, including the adding of relief valves and accumulators to the model. Pipe Flow Analysis Software; Flowmaster V7 is an advanced pipe flow software solution that enables engineers to model, calculate and measure flow rates and pressure drop in pipe systems. Flowmaster's pipe flow calculator lets you design and analyze complex pipe networks where the flows and pressures must be balanced, providing accurate results.

Transient Simulation of Fluid Power Systems

Flowmaster V7 can fully model the fluid mechanics within a pipe system with a versatile steady state and transient solver able to carry out the simulation of incompressible and compressible systems with heat transfer analysis. Flowmaster V7 enables engineers to simulate hydraulic control systems to analyse the surge effects of fast transient events such as rapid valve closure or sudden pump trip and the impact of using different hydraulic fluids, to ensure that systems work safely and reliably.  Flowmaster V7 flow balancing capability also allows engineers to optimise system components and ensure that the flow rate and pressures throughout the systems are within the design specification.

1D Computational Fluid Dynamics

Flowmaster V7 is 1D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software that allows thermo fluid system engineers to model and analyse the fluid mechanics and fluid dynamics in complex pipe systems earlier in the development process. Complex netorks can be deisgned quickly without the need in a schematic form before any 3D data or models are availble